Made with ❤︎ by AFAN
in Pisces
ARIES:  Sing Aries of the treasures concealed within shadows and liminal spaces, ready to be unearthed from the depths of your dreams and sung with the direct radiance none other than you can express.

TAURUS: Sing Taurus of the aspirations you have longed to pursue, the dreams of abundant growth ready to bloom from your fertile inner world, the fellowship of community that will gather around the effort you make to realize them.

GEMINI: Sing Gemini of the vocation that will tether your multitudinous gifts together into focalized expression, the song of your creative passions focused upon work that deeply fulfills you.

CANCER: Sing Cancer the songs of spirit chiming from distant seas, the melody of memories holding pearls of wisdom ready to emerge from ruminating upon your many experiences. 

LEO: Sing Leo of the golden light you veil within the darkest recesses of your psyche, the blessings of your ancestors ready to be expressed through your life force, the deep reservoirs of strength and loyalty that you may share with others.

VIRGO: Sing Virgo of the tender love and care you share with those you love, the songs of equal partnership and mutual support you know how to tend and foster within your many relationships.
LIBRA: Sing Libra of the sacred spaces you make within your daily rhythm to hold the potency of your circulating thoughts, the songs of justice addressing the inequities you perceive in the world around you, the melodies that move you and inspire others to persevere in the face of adversity.

SCORPIO: Sing Scorpio of your deepest passions, the songs of Eros that release held emotions through catharsis, the songs of your survival and strength in weathering any storm.

SAGITTARIUS: Sing Sagittarius of the home you long to return to, the gifts of your ancestors ready to help kindle your fiery vision, the songs of the deep sea within your depths that source your inspiration. 

CAPRICORN: Sing Capricorn of the inner visions stirred by your Sea-goat tail within your imaginal seas, the melody that expresses the wisdom of your wildness, the lyrics that translate the images of your psyche into language that will inspire your community. 

AQUARIUS: Sing Aquarius of the deep reservoir of brilliance you harbor within, the songs of bridging community between people on the margins, the epic of the exile unwilling to conform yet willing to share the treasure they have gathered from their unique experiences.

PISCES: Sing Pisces the songs of your many inner parts and talents, the melody that focalizes your inner multiplicity into imaginative expression, the lyrics that express your deep compassion in ways that will accompany others experiencing their own inner journeys.